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PE viewer

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Win32 Architecture introduced the PE file format as the new standard format for executable files. Malware reversing, unknown executable files reversing requires a deep knowldege of the PE format.

Safe PE is the Migale Security Suite PE viewer.

Key Features (from the version below)

  • View imported symbols
  • View exported symbols
  • view sections
  • convert RVA / RAW / Offset automatically
  • View imported symbols
  • View exported symbols
  • Demangle C++ symbols
  • compute MD5 Hash
  • identify if PE is packed / crypted / protected
  • automatic PE signature extraction facility
  • pattern database following the PEID database syntax
  • display file size
  • display extra data size 


  • Obtain a copy of the Migale PE Viewer

    Obtain a copy of Safe PE

    Safe PE is not free.
    it is a 15 days trial shareware.
    After the trial period you can buy Safe PE, you can also
    buy the source code if you want.
    To obtain a free copy of the program,
    issue a request by email by clicking the following link :

    PE File Format review


    Safe PE Main Menu Screenshot


    PE Header characteristics Viewer screenshot


    PE directories Viewer screenshot


    PE sections viewer screenshot


    Sections characteristics viewer screenshot


    PE optional Header Details viewer screenshot


    PE DOS Header detailed view Screenshot


    RVA / RAW / Offset  Converter screenshot


    Automatic Signature Extractor