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Antivirus Features

- win32 On Demand Scanner
- up to 46 000 known virus signatures
- heuristic detection
- polymorphic virus detection
- unknown virus detection
  (virus without a signature)
- dysinfection of known and
   unknown viruses.
- Virus infection recovery database system.
- Smart Update
- connection via a Proxy possible
- linked to other Migale Security
  Softwares via the control center
- source code can be bought.
- tremedously fast
Unknown Virus Detection & Dysinfection
Migale Antivirus is able to detect viruses using :
- the signature database
- artificial intelligence real time agent.
The real time agent is able to recognize
viruses even if these viruses are not in
the signature database.
After detection of an unknown virus, the
real time agent can even dysinfect the
infected file even with absolutely no
knowledge about this virus.
(zero-knowledge virus detection and dysinfection technique).
Infection Recovery Database
Migale Antivirus uses an automatically generated
file database to perform a zero knowledge
recovery of infected files.
This database and it's generator can be
monitored using a manager that is integrated to
the Migale Security Software Suite.
Benchmark Results :
- PC winXP pentium 4, 3.06 Ghertz,
  500 Mb RAM
- loading time : 1 second
- RAM consumed : 27 Mb
- scan time for entire C: 2 min 30 sec 

Smart Update Screenshot


Scanner screenshot


When a virus is found


Obtaining a copy of the Migale Security Suite Software